Learning Design - new passion!

Now that I am completing my Master in Curriculum and Instruction, new possibilities and ideas are colliding in my mind! I can't stop thinking about new ways to engage students to create meaningful and relevant learning experiences.

Combining technology to create games, fun interactions, and active learning experiences is what I believe to be effective in my classroom and I will dive deep into the world of Learning Design.

Below is an example of a more contemporary version of a "hangman" that I will use as a formative assessment in class during a Color Theory lesson. This activity was created using Articulate Storyline and I can connect that to my LMS (in this case, Canvas) to automatically update the gradebook. It saves time for grade input, it engages students in a game, and it can be accessed from home.

Give it a try! Can you guess the word?

*if you are using a mobile phone, use the link game for better experience.

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