Freedom, at what cost?

I 'see' ideas floating in my mind ALL THE TIME... they look like flies/bees/butterflies and they move fast... oh boy! they move so fast that I must catch them on a piece of paper before they disappear forever. Sometimes a tissue and a mechanical pencil are enough to keep those little rascals trapped in our world. I have many of them safe in my sketchbooks just waiting to be developed into a refined artwork. I hope to have enough lifetime to give them a chance to become a developed piece of art.

The artwork 'Freedom, at what cost?' was my response to deep discussions during my Master of Art Education classes (Social Justice and Multicultural Education).


The child is determined to fly! He is determined to fulfill his destiny as an autonomous adult, even if it costs his feet. The roots are blocking his mobility, but he will free himself by cutting off his feet with a knife. My intention is to represent the student's efforts to conquer freedom while struggling with restraints rooted in the teacher's beliefs. Often, the students are forced to accept the status quo and abandon pieces of their own identity to fit in the system.

We educators must create a safe and fertile environment where the students can become who they are and not who others want them to be. We educators have the commitment to be courageous and truthful while guiding these children through a process of self-discovery and self-affirmation.
Although this image was created to address a specific subject, it contains open symbols that are capable of multiple storytellings. What is your story? What do you see here?

Please leave your comments or send me an email with your impressions about this artwork. Let's fly high!

I have prints available through the link below. For enquiries about the original artwork, please email


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