I think of my work as the breadcrumbs left by Hansel and Gretel to track their way back home. Each artwork represents a step into the dense forest of my being in a quest for the truth.

When we leave the everyday world, and we see ourselves outside the familiar domain, a guide or pattern of action is paramount to keep us moving toward the desired direction. I utilize mythological narratives as the guide, and I combine dramatic negative spaces with monochromatic representations to create an atmosphere marked by tension and resilience. 

Chell Vassallo is a self-taught representational artist with a profound interest in mythological narratives, working primarily in graphite and charcoal.

Born in Brazil in 1984, her childhood was marked by contact with nature and endless hours drawing. Vassallo earned a BSc in Chemical Engineering from The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and worked for one decade in the engineering field.

In 2013, she finally was able to dedicate her life to art as a full-time career. Since then, Vassallo has already won several awards, and her artworks are part of private collections in Dubai, Australia, Netherlands, USA, Argentina, and Brazil.

Vassallo's relentless personal struggles in search of the authentic self are manifested in her work.

Chell Vassallo currently works and resides in the Greater Houston area, TX.